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When shelving space is limited and the budget is tight, it’s easy to resort to throwing all of those beloved wide-brimmed hats in some far-off, forgotten-about, dusty corner. Over time, they eventually get stepped on or smushed by other items and ultimately, lose their original shape and quality.

But if you’re anything like us, we adore our hat collection and have stepped up our creativity game when it comes to storing them. Check out a few tips & tricks we’ve learned along the way in order to keep these treasures from losing their shape and quality. And *bonus*, they easily double as beautiful decor.

Tip #1: Clothespins are your friend.
wide brimmed hats storage

When it comes to hanging hats, clothespins are gentle enough on the material to where they don’t leave a mark. To make this dream of a statement wall come true, grab some clothespins, string, and a few tacs & you’re well on your way. Be sure to hang the string securely by tying tight knots around tacs or nails.

Tip #2: They don’t require as much space as you think.
wide brimmed hats in closet

Contrary to popular belief, hats don’t require an entire wall to make a pretty statement! We love the way Shauna, of Quentin&Co, styled her hats behind a clothing rack. (Also, can we just talk about her closet for a second…)

Tip #3: When it doubt, vase it out.
wide-brimmed hats storage

Here at the Two Penny Blue flagship studio, we love decorating almost as much as we love designing blazers. Featured here are two of our wide-brimmed hats perched atop some vases. By displaying them this way, they’re sure to keep their shape while still looking beautiful.

Be sure to check out our stylish hat collection here!

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