Giving Back

Donate or Ditch

Donate or Ditch

Summer in Chicago has been nothing but fun and sun, and now fall is right around the corner! We are so ready for fall fashion, but need to make a little more room in our closets first. Whether you’re cleaning up your wardrobe to get ready to go back to school or just making more room in your closet for the fabulous fall purchases you’ll be making, one of the best ways to give back is as simple as donating.


We know parting ways with pieces you used to love is hard, but it’s worthwhile when donated to someone in need. The average person throws away 65 pounds of textiles every year! This season, don’t ditch the clothes – donate!

Here are a few of our favorites to spark your donating drive and get you giving!

Dress for Success


The Salvation Army

Women’s shelters

Local churches and hospitals

Purple Heart

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