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Through Her Eyes | Meet Ester

#2PennyxTailored is a project showcasing the inspiring young girls from Akili Preperatory School. This school is a key focus of our partnership with Tailored for Education (read more here!)


Introducing: Ester Ayuma

Ester is a smiling 10 year old that loves english, math and science. She would love to be a nurse when she grows up.

One day, Ester would love to travel the world – America, Sweden and Mexico! Most importantly, Ester is full of confidence and self-love, 2 qualities that are so important in young girls.

Read along about Ester and catch a glimpse of her world through her photos.


esther-ayuma ester_aynna






Stay tuned for more portraits of the wonderful students from the Akili Girls Preparatory School in collaboration with Tailored for Education! #2PennyxTailored x #letgirlslearn 

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