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#WhatIReallyReallyWant is Quality Education for Girls


Here’s the story from A to Z, Project Everyone recently remade the iconic Spice Girl’s Wannabe video to focus on girl’s education and gender equality.  Needless to say we are a little obsessed with this ultimate “girl power” mashup.  The video features girls from around the world dancing and lip syncing to the song and showcasing the issues that they “really really want” to draw attention to.


Project Everyone is a campaign focused on the United Nation’s initiative, The Global Goals.  With the creation of this amazing video they aim to empower and encourage a new generation of girls all over the world.  YOU can join the movement by posting a photo with a sign listing the issues that you really want to change with the hashtag #WhatIReallyReallyWant


“2016 is our chance to use our collective power and tell world leaders what we really really want for girls and women.” – Project Everyone

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