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Style doesn’t have to cost a fortune – and this is one of our favorite tricks for adding style to an event without breaking the bank. Flower arrangements can be so expensive – but adding a floral element to an event is such a nice touch, so what’s a girl to do? We’ve got the answer.  Mini Mason Jar Bouquets are here to save the day.  They  are beautiful, elegant, simple and always a hit.   Make a dozen and group together for a beautiful (and inexpensive) centerpiece with a few simple white votive candles mixed in; offer the bouquet making as a fun DIY at an event, or make a dozen or so and give them out as party favors for a bridal shower, baby shower, or any event you choose and I promise your guests will go home with something they will love.  We made 12 mini mason jar floral arrangements for under $40 – so each cost about $3.00 to make – so worth it!  So let’s get down to the details…

DIY Mini Mason Jar Floral Bouquet

DIY Floral Bouquet


Mason jars –  This is a great source for beautiful & inexpensive mason jars

Rope or twine


Fresh flowers – grab a few bunches at your local supermarket or Trader Joe’s (which has great bouquets for under $5)


DIY Floral bouquet

First fill your mason jar with water. Trim the ends of the flowers at an angle using the scissors, then place the flowers into the mason jar. Trim the stems at different lengths to create some dimension!

Two Penny Blue-35 Two Penny Blue-37

Next, take your string and wrap it around the neck of the mason jar.  We wrapped ours around 3 times to create a thicker bow – wrap as many or few times as you’d like!

Two Penny Blue-39

Two Penny Blue-42

Once you’ve wrapped the string to your liking, cut the ends, tie into a bow, and that’s a wrap!

Two Penny Blue-43

Two Penny Blue-46   Two Penny Blue-58

Find a sunny spot to display your bouquet,  use as an adorable centerpiece, or gift it to someone special and brighten their day! Enjoy!

Two Penny Blue-48

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