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5 Ways to Say Bye to Rainy Day Blues

You know those mornings, the ones where you wake up to find that it’s still dark outside and the familiar sound of raindrops softly hitting the window makes getting out of bed nearly impossible. All you want to do is roll over and fall back asleep, but instead, you’re forced to get up and get going.

Those dreary, wet, gray days can really get our spirits down, but don’t fret! We’ve nailed down 5 ways to combat those all-too-familiar rainy day blues.

5 ways to say bye to rainy day blues

1. Grab hold of a stylish, yet practical cap. // Shop our black cap here.

Don a black cap to keep you dry during any errands you’re forced to run during those unfortunately-timed downpours, and look cool, calm, and collected while doing it.

2. Light a soothing, scented candle. // Shop our favorite candle here.

While it may be wet and dreary outside, keep your inside environment warm and inviting by lighting one of our heavenly candles.

3. Play a chipper playlist. // Try out the Mood Booster playlist on Spotify.

While we can appreciate the somber mood that the rain naturally puts us in, this isn’t always ideal for days when you’ve got to get sh*t done. So combat those gloomy feelings one cheerful song at a time!

4. Sip on your favorite hot drink. // PSL all the way, girlfriend.

We’ll take any excuse to fetch a warm PSL from the local Starbucks, but if that isn’t your go-to drink, make sure to snag your favorite pick-me-up on your way into work.

5. Stay positive. // Inspirational Quotes here.

Attitude is everything! If you’re in need of a little extra motivation, check out our Pinterest board of inspirational quotes and get it after it, lady!

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